Have a question? Look here for the answer. If your question isn't answered, don't hesitate to contact us!   

 Q. Does a consultation come with your services? 

A. Absolutely! You can call as many times as you wish for any type of questions or concerns you may have. You are also more than welcome to set up a time to meet with me personally at my home office. To go over music, event planners, different ideas such as lighting / sound / room layout etc... Really, we can do so much for you to make your event one to remember……!  

Q. Do you require a deposit with the contract? 

A. Yes, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit. The deposit is due at the time the contract is received and then signed by Event Productions LLC. Your event date is guaranteed once we receive the contract and deposit. The remainder of the balance is due at any time up to the start of your event.   

Q. Will your DJ work with the photographer / caterer / event-planner? 

A. Yes. We will be your event coordinators throughout your entire event. We will work hand and hand with all designated party’s. Our goal is to make sure that you have a hassle-free experience. We will help coordinate your event in a timely and professional manner from the beginning until the last song is played. For school dances we will coordinate announcement of the court / king & queen if applicable and make announcements at any time throughout the event at your request.   

Q. What time will you arrive?


A. We always arrive at least 3 hours before your event begins. This allows ample set-up time for any custom on-site programming and diagnostic time to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect. We check and double check all equipment connections. Perform sound checks and adjust system to the location to ensure a clear & full sound is achieved before your event begins.   

Q. What will your DJ wear? 

A. Your DJ and Light Tech if - (Pro Pack 2 & 3) will wear formal attire (suit & tie DJ / Light Tech dress shirt & tie) to most events. For casual events we will wear or company logo polo shirts with jeans or dress pants which one you prefer (M.C. Hypers logo polo shirts only)  

Q. What size area is needed and power for Pro Packages?



Pro Pack #1 needs an area of 10' wide by a 8' depth standard ceiling height.

Pro Pack #1 will need one independent 15-amp circuit for power.

Pro Pack #2 needs an area of 20' wide by a 10' depth and a ceiling height of at least 9'. 

Pro Pack #2 will need two independent 15-amp circuits for power. 

Pro Pack #3 needs an area of 40' wide by a 20' depth and a ceiling height of at least 10'. 

Pro Pack #3 will need four independent 15-amp circuits for power. 

The Lighted Totem Tower Pkg. will need a ceiling height of at least 10'.

The Lighted Totem Tower Pkg. will need one 15-amp independent circuit for power.

Q. Do you charge a travel fee? 

A. There may be times when a travel fee is required. If your event is over 70 miles round trip from our base location, then a travel fee will apply. This fee will vary depending on location distance. ($25.00 per every 20 - additional round trip miles)